Rania Al Saad

Rania Al Saad is a writer and novelist from Kuwait, she was born in Beirut, where she inhaled the first breezes of freedom that accompanied her.

She wrote in blogs between 2004 and 2011 as “Birth” and then moved to Twitter from 2009 to 2016, where she had a sharp stinging opposition to political persecution that forced her to leave Kuwait with her family and settle in Britain since June 2014.

Her books are Sabahati Sukkar (صباحاتي سكر), a diary of the writer as the mother of a child of diabetes, and has three novels: Obsession (هَوَس), Extent (مدى) and Hooves Elusive (ٌحُتُوْفٌ مُرَاوِغَة).

Her novels always carry a sociopolitical flavor or political sociology where she deals with the untold story of him in a courtesy society reserved in discussing its negatives.

It is worth mentioning that Rania Al Saad finally closed her Twitter account in December last year (2016) in protest of the participation of MPs from the popular movement in the one-vote elections, and in March this year she was sentenced to three years imprisonment with work and force because of a tweet.

Contact details

Rania can be reached at +000, by writing to randdabboor@hotmail.com, and on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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