Ramsay Wood

London writer Ramsay Wood was educated in the USA, Philippines, Belgium and Vietnam. He worked as a photographer, journalist, picture frame importer and teacher of dyslexic children.

In 2008 his first book (1980), a tapestry of Eastern animal fables, was retitled Kalila and Dimna, Volume 1: Fables of Friendship and Betrayal. In 2011 Medina published Volume 2: Fables of Conflict and Intrigue. Within a frame story linking both books, King Dabschelim struggles to be a better ruler by listening to a sage called Bidpai guide him through a jungle of linked practical stories, one sometimes nestling inside another two or three deep.

Both books comprise a lively modern blend from ancient inter-related cultural sources: the Buddhist Jataka Tales, the Hindu Panchatantra and the Islamic Arabic and Persian versions of Kalila and Dimna — the tale of two jackal brothers which enters Europe via Spain in 1482.

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