State of Terror: How terrorism created modern Israel


Why has the so-called ‘conflict’ in Palestine endured for over a century, with no resolution in sight? Tapping a trove of source documents heretofore poorly explored, Tom Suárez challenges the prevailing narrative of a clash between Arabs and Jews as depicted by the mass media.

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Hardcover: 400 pages
Publisher: Skyscraper Publications (October 13, 2016)
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Thomas Suárez demonstrates historically what to honest and informed observers is obvious from the present reality: that the entire tragic history is the violent takeover of Palestine by a European settler movement that couched its goals in pretences of messianic entitlement Zionism.

Suárez details a shocking campaign of Zionist terrorism in the 1940s and 1950s that targeted anyone in the way of its goals, whether the British government, the indigenous Palestinians, or Jews. Indeed, Suárez dismisses Zionism s very raison d’etre safe haven for Jews as a cynical fraud, exposing the racial-nationalist movement as itself consummately anti-Semitic.

Zionism pursued its political goals at the expense of, not for the benefit of, persecuted Jews. Today s seemingly intractable quagmire is Zionism s unfinished business, an Israeli state driven by unrequited territorial designs and the dream of ethnic ‘purity’.

At its root, the ‘conflict ‘ is neither complicated nor unsolvable, but ending it will require stripping Zionism of its false narrative. Suárez attempts this by laying bare the historical record.