Snowpoet (2016)


Musicians include Lauren Kinsella, Chris Hyson, Matt Robinson, Dave Hamblett, Josh Arcoleo and Nick Costley-White. Co-Produced by Chris Hyson and Alex Killpartrick. Additional piano on ‘Butterflies’ played by Kit Downes.



Born out of a musical friendship and understanding, London-based Snowpoet combine melody and poetry in an improvisational effort inspired by artists such as Bjork, Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits and Ólöf Arnalds, as well as poets Sylvia Plath, W.B. Yeats and Philip Larkin.

With a core composed of the paired songwriting skills of coveted bassist Chris Hyson and award-winning vocalist Lauren Kinsella, the duo lead London’s leading young improvisers and freshest musicians to create something ‘Beautiful and deep’ (Beatnik Creative)

‘Compelling. Snowpoet are at turns strange and beautiful’ (Black Plastic)

‘The musical intelligence… is clear the entire time… flutters it’s wings, as it is entirely understandable why Snowpoet would draw comparisons to Bjork, one of the great alternative innovators’ (EARMILK)

About Snowpoet

A band built around the core duo of vocalist Lauren Kinsella and bassist Chris Hyson, Snowpoet explore the common ground between poetry, electronica, modern folk, and jazz. Based in London, the band came together at the Royal Academy of Music, and grew to include fellow regulars on the London jazz scene such as drummer Dave Hamblett, pianist Matt Robinson, guitarist Nick Costley-White, and saxophonist Josh Arcoleo. Their 2016 debut, simply entitled Snowpoet, drew comparisons to artists such Björk and Ólöf Arnalds, while citing influences as diverse as Baths, Flying Lotus, Joni Mitchell, Keith Jarrett, and Ravel. ~ Simon Spreyer

Additional information

Release Date

15 Jan 2016


01. Mermaid (04:38) 02. In a Quiet Space (03:40) 03. Glad to Have Lost (04:55) 04. If I Miss a Star (03:47) 05. Little Moon Man (04:59) 06. Gathering (02:05) 07. Waves (04:49) 08. Poetry of Stillness (02:17) 09. Eviternity (07:04)



Executive Producer

Alya Marquardt


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