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Race, Religion And Muslim Identity In Britain


This book offers incisive and comprehensive analysis of faith as a cornerstone of identity and possible solutions.

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Publisher: Renaissance Press (2004)
ISBN-10: 0954329473
ISBN-13: 9780954329471
Paperback: 163 pages

A timely book after the recent tragedies in London which took place during July 2005.

With the rapid transformation within the Muslim community over the last few decades many young people are now finding it difficult to navigate between the demands of their religion on one side and social pressure on the other. Thus, working with them and addressing the issues pertinent to their daily life are challenging, to say the least.

This book is the outcome of Dr Bari’s long-term involvement with the young Muslims of London through his voluntary and professional work. This has put him on a continuous learning curve in assessing his personal situation as well. The foremost amongst the issues facing a young Muslim is of course one of ‘identity’, which the author has tried to address through the mirror of Islamic principles.

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