People and Places (2016)


Stunning solo piano debut from Clemens Christian Pötzsch, the award-winning composer and pianist. A beautiful 6-side digipak with artwork by Alban Low, special photos of the artist and beautiful original artwork on the CD itself.
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Leipzig-based award-winning composer and pianist Clemens Christian Pötzsch presents his first solo piano album of entirely new original compositions. If you love Max Richter and the new classical movement, or how the piano is used in film music, you’ll love this album. It is fluid, moving, dynamic and yet gentle and personal, seeking connection while continuing on its own journey.

Recorded on a stunning Fazioli piano, this album has been recorded at the famous Fieldgate Studios and produced by Alex Killpatrick and Alya Marquardt.

About the Artist

Clemens C. Pötzsch is a working pianist, composer and producer.

His work covers many different aspects of music, such as film music and scores for dance-choreographies.

Clemens C. Pötzsch studied Piano and Composition at the Conservatory of Music in Dresden, Germany.

He tours internationally with his band, Masaa, and has released the highly acclaimed Solo-Piano Album „People And Places“ in 2016.

He received multiple awards and his talents were used by artists like Rammstein, the Sorbian National-Ensemble and Sawa.

Additional information

Release Date

January 22, 2016

Produced by

Alex Killpatrick and Alya Marquardt


01. Intro (01:15) 02. See (05:33) 03. For Fathers (05:44) 04. Eyes (04:51) 05. 5210 (04:25) 06. Sorbian folk song (06:08) 07. Auenwald (05:36) 08. Cloud (01:21) 09. Peter's Hill (04:28) 10. Cape Town (05:02)


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