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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Palestine is the home of the olive tree, and this award-winning extra virgin oil connects you with farmers whose ancestors have tended their trees by hand for countless generations. From stone terraces nestled on sun-drenched West Bank hills comes produce grown with wisdom, by people who know their trees both as old friends and as a lifeline for their children.

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Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives & solely by mechanical means. Product of Palestine. Hand-picked & rain-fed with a warm peppery taste. First cold pressed olive oil.

Gluten Free, Nut Free, Soya Free, Vegan, Vegetarian and Wheat Free Conventional Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Zaytoun’s non-certified oil is sourced from a number of different farming cooperatives in Palestine. Although not yet certified, it is free of pesticides and harvested by hand.

Zaytoun’s  friendly-traded produce comes exclusively from known farmers, allowing us to support farming families as they build a sustainable future. Beyond conflict and upheaval runs the thread of a vibrant culture, and we proudly share its gifts.

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