El Far3i Real-time (2020)

“In the pandemic’s early days, there was hope that things would go back to normal by the end of Summer 2020, but it seems that concerts and shows in the way we know them are not returning anytime soon”, according to El Far3i. He adds, “we have to keep up with technological developments and utilize them for the sake of art. The main goal is to navigate new ways to spread music and give artists a chance to present themselves in new ways; hoping that this experience gets popularized to become a new source of income in the music world”.

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In a first-of-its-kind venture, artist Tareq Abu Kwaik aka El Far3i has announced a unique show that will be live-streamed online from London’s “TEN” Studios to the rest of the World on Dec 12, 2020. “I aim to present the audience with something new and different that combines the experience of recording in a studio, with performing on stage…the latter that we all have missed as artists,” El Far3i says. “Even though this initiative was born out of covid’s tighter restrictions, it will also aid me in reaching audiences I have been unable to perform for due to borders and restrictions”, he adds. The ticketed live show will be streamed on “Crowd Cast” and will include the performance of El Far3i’s most loved acoustic tracks, and exclusive performances of new unreleased songs from his upcoming acoustic album “Nas Min Khashab” 2021. It will also include the premiere of the new video clip for the Rap/Mahrajanat song “Hayarafo Meen” in collaboration with the renowned Egyptian producer Molotof (“Dorak Gai”). Other segments include clips from behind the scenes, a Q&A with the attendees, and hosted guests.

As the idea is new, the event’s production team has decided to release three different ticket packages — all of them include a link to download an unreleased acoustic song by El Far3i and his upcoming trap album “Lazim Tisa” a week before the official launch. Those perks aim to add more value to live-streaming shows on the internet.