Lubna Speitan

Born in London, 1983, Lubna Speitan was instinctively drawn to expressing her visceral nature through the medium of art. Through her development as an artist, Lubna read a BA in Graphic Design in which she produced works of political, environmental and social considerations.

Lubna’s artistic philosophy is twinned with her raw, instinctive intellect but predicated upon her life experiences – which enables her to articulate her own ‘feeling’ and ‘sensing’ of living through the process of creating art – resulting in an immutable authenticity.

Although predominantly self-taught since childhood to draw and paint, she has over the years been mentored and intermittently collaborates with established artists. Lubna is a dynamic personality; she is charismatic and often a little artist-eccentric with a diverse range of interests from poetry, music, art & design to sciences, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, creative writing and a broad spectrum of reading subjects.

“My work is my sustenance, my transportation, my meditation. My intention is to feed and nurture the imagination of my viewer, to transport and communicate. With a little imagination we can travel great lengths together.”

Looking through the works of Lubna you will capture the ‘dark nights’ of her soul, the joyous moment of her life and the seasonal like changes in her moods.

Lubna’s philosophy and mindset are reflected in her art collection; some diverse projects with diverse styles. Some of the chaos and entanglements of specific pieces of work reflect Lubna’s often-chaotic mind (see her landscape trilogy), but after the storm comes the calm, soft and reflective tones of her more subtle pieces like her ‘Nightscapes.’ Lubna’s bold character holds no boundaries, and she is always presenting herself with new tasks, ideas and experimenting with new methods and materials. Lubna is fond of the works of artists including Frida Kahlo, J.M.W. Turner, Leonardo Da Vinci and Gustav Klimt, whose works have undoubtedly been held by Lubna in high regard.

Lubna is continually evolving – always looking for ways to sharpen her craft by exploring new methods and materials to embody the initial artistic inspiration for a given piece as accurately as she wishes to portray it.

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