Leanne Mohamad

Leanne Mohamad is a 17 year old young British Palestinian who won the Redbridge Regional “Speak out” challenge in May 2016 after giving an impressive performance to enthusiastic applause.

Leanne delivered a speech entitled ‘Birds, not Bombs’ based on her country and her passion, Palestine in which she was calling for peace and freedom and to an end of the injustices Palestinians are facing; especially Palestinian children. Her speech called for freedom and peace but after she was faced with a barrage of hatred and abusive comments as well as attempts to silence her.

Since then, Leanne has carried on to be a leading activist in the fight for human rights speaking and appearing at many popular universities and conferences – and she has even been recognised and spoken internationally.

Contact details

You can contact Leanne by sending an email to info@leannemohamad.com and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.