El Far3i

With multi-fold projects in his music archive, El Far3i is a Palestinian and Jordanian songwriter, rapper, drummer, and producer from Amman, Jordan. Known for his dichotomous solo act El Far3i/ Far3 El Madakhil, he enmeshes Arab acoustic folk and hip-hop and continues to experiment sonically, evolving into the more recent forked axis, El Far3i Flux.
This brand encapsulates the essence of both the versatility of styles and the complexity of ideas. It is a space within which a sense of freedom exists, enabling experimentations with different tools, instruments, and writing techniques… A vision rooted in the ideals of independence, yet branches out to reflect the journey. Those concepts race between censorship and exaggeration, concealing at times, and pushing hard at others.

Deep lyrical capabilities and versatile flow styles, have allowed El Far3i to homogenize Arabic vocals with rap, to create a native Arab sound in the vast world of acoustic and electronic pop. His vocal inspiration sediments deep into the high mountains of Palestine, down to the Jordan Valley. It derives from global hip-hop techniques, while preserving the power of simple grooves, and floating, yet daring, ghost notes in the background.
His songs come from his region’s subconscious, with lyrics that archive the socio-psychological, political and personal subtexts of Arab daily life, extending to the diaspora. Themes of love, borders, spirituality and identity manifest. El Far3i’s ever reflexive raw rapping style contrasts his soulful melodies, creating chantable anthems and craved earworms.

In 2008, El Far3i first started performing songs and rap on his guitar at local venues in Amman. At the time, he was in the middle of producing his first hip-hop release under the name “Far3 El Madakhil”. A year later, his first demo collection of acoustic songs was released, and shortly after, other rap tracks saw the light on the Internet. 2012 was a witness to El Far3i’s two albums, both his debut acoustic “Soat Min Khashab”, and Arab Rap album “Far3 El Madakhil”. Since then, he has released an Arabic sample-based boom bap album, Kaman Dafsheh (2014), and the defining acoustic record, El Rajol El Khashabi (2017). He is currently working on combining new melodic skills and rap with latest production trends as his fans await upcoming music that touches on new hip-hop styles. He is also carefully ‘engineering’ a project that weds Arab sound with electronica… Flux.

El Far3i’s grass-roots approach to music projects, and his belief in the importance of solidifying, growing and evolving different independent scenes, has resulted in numerous collaborations with the Arab World’s top rappers, songwriters and producers.
Such versatility and vision had also translated into him co-founding two of the biggest Alternative bands in the MENA region; El Morabba3 and 47Soul. El Far3i still does occasional live collaborations with El Morabba3, and continues the journey he started with 47Soul in 2013.

Over the past decade, El Far3i has played hundreds of memorable shows and has whisked the audience away with live performances in the Arab world, and Worldwide. He continues to tour and take the stage in festivals as a Solo Artist, and with his band, 47Soul.
His media archive is rich with interviews with various Arab and International news outlets from TV, to Print to Radio. He has also been featured for his knowledge on the Arab alternative scene in documentaries and lectures.
El Far3i has a vast loyal following from different parts of the World. His social media platforms have hundreds of thousands of followers, and his tracks on YouTube have received millions of views. At this very moment, his music is being streamed on one of the digital platforms by a listener looking for sonic solace.

Website: http://www.elfar3i.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elfar3i/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/A5ook.El.Far3i
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elfar3i
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/far3i/about
SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5DOOqoefvhVdksKzrvA30t?si=a5eObUfRQWmQFbNOO1ce6w
SC: https://soundcloud.com/el-far3i
BC: https://elfar3i.bandcamp.com/