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70th anniversary of Nakba is being marked by a 2-day event on River Thames

London‎, UK – ‎May 7, 2018

‎“Palestine On The Thames: Nakba In My Present”, an event set to mark the ‎‎70th ‎anniversary of ‎Nakba, will take place over the weekend of 12/13 ‎May 2018 ‎between ‎‎10:00 and 20:00 in Hammersmith, London. This two-day free and family-friendly ‎event has been organised by Ashaam platform and will be hosted by charity ‎Uthink ‎Creative ‎at Riverside Building, Winslow Rd, Hammersmith, London W6 ‎‎9WA, UK.‎

This commemorative ‎event will explore the meaning of the 1948 ‎Palestinian ‎experience of dispossession and loss of a homeland in today’s life ‎through talks by Hebatalla Taha, Giedre ‎Steikunaite, Huda Ammori, Yousef ‎Qandeel, Professor Manuel ‎Hassassian, Dr ‎Swee Ang, Leanne Mohamad, Dr ‎Khalid El-Awaisi, Ahmed Masoud, Tom ‎Suárez, ‎Jenan Younis, Ron Coello and ‎Ahmad Almostafa. They will deliver ‎presentations on themes ranging from the ‎ethnic cleansing of villages and the ongoing ‎occupation of Palestine, via a view ‎from Lithuania, a small European country that ‎has endured half a century of Soviet ‎occupation, to the effect of Nakba on ‎intellectual and creative life of Palestinians ‎and their present.‎

The aim of the ‎“Palestine On The Thames” event is also to ‎celebrate ‎Palestinian ‎culture. It will include an exhibition of works by one of the ‎most ‎prominent ‎Palestinian fine artists Nabil Anani “Palestine, Land and People”, ‎held in ‎collaboration with ‎Ramallah’s Zawyeh Gallery. The programme will also ‎feature Dabke workshops, led by the ‎Hawiyya dance company, and ‎introductory ‎embroidery classes with Auntie Suzy, as well as stalls and ‎pop up ‎shops offering Palestinian crafts and food. The London-based Palestinian-Iraqi ‎comedian Jenan Younis will perform ‎stand-up comedy.‎


The founder of Ashaam Salaheddin AbuEin said: “This is the first ‎major ‎event ‎organised by Ashaam, set up in London in 2016 to promote Palestinian ‎culture, arts ‎and products in the ‎UK. We are proud and honoured to be bringing ‎people together ‎to remember the 1948 catastrophe, which, unfortunately, has been ‎ongoing for 70 ‎years and is not over, and share their experiences of it, either directly ‎or indirectly. At ‎the same time, we want to celebrate Palestinian culture which forms ‎such a strong ‎part of our identity and is a means of defiance in the face of the ‎ongoing oppression ‎of the ‎Palestinian people.”‎ ‎

‎15 May 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, or “day of catastrophe” when ‎Israel officially declared its state following the forced removal of more than ‎‎750,000 ‎Palestinians from their ‎homes and the destruction of over 500 Palestinian villages ‎and ‎towns.

For more information, please contact:
Salaheddin AbuEin, Founder & Exhibitor
+44 (0) 79 3012 0661

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Want to be a part of something great? Become a volunteer!

Want to be a part of something great? Become a volunteer!

Palestine On The Thames: Nakba In My Present, an upcoming cultural event, is being set up to mark the 70th anniversary of Nakba by exploring its meaning to many people and celebrating Palestine on River Thames in Hammersmith between the 12th and 13th of May 2018.

Want to get involved with Ashaam?

We’re looking for volunteers to help us with event stewarding and getting the venue ready. By volunteering, you can be at the very centre of this exciting movement and learn about what goes into organising an international, 2-day family-friendly event.

Volunteers who are active in the runup to the conference even get a free conference pass!

Why volunteer?

  • Opportunities to meet new people including a great line up of speakers, contributors and visitors,
  • The chance to work with an experienced team and learn new skills,
  • Food and soft drinks on shift and discounts at food stalls.

We are a small team of very committed, hardworking and driven individuals, who truly believe in the aims and aspirations of Ashaam. Although no previous exposure to voluntary work is necessary, enthusiasm is a must, and volunteers with passion and dedication will find themselves rewarded with a unique and valuable experience, playing a truly integral role in a vital cultural event.

Follow our social media channels for updates on what we’ll be working on.

Palestine On The Thames: Nakba In My Present 2-day event will provide opportunities for all those interested in Palestine to come together, to be inspired, challenged and refreshed.

Please fill out this volunteer information sheet if you are interested in becoming a volunteer for us!

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Ashaam rebrand press release

London, UK – January 1, 2018

The London-based startup Souk Levant, aka Souk, has undergone a name change and today unveiled its new logo, tagline and website to support its evolution to a leading full social and business development services. It will now function under the name Ashaam.

Subtle changes have been made to the startup’s logo to reflect its current image. Our current logo, as the previous one, was designed pro bono by the Palestinian artist Hamza Abu Ayyash based in Ramallah.

The new website ( which also launches on the same day has been created to increase Ashaam’s online presence and help to communicate with current as well as prospective customers.

At the heart of our vision, mission and values are working on building bridges between Palestine and the UK, connecting Palestinian and other producers in the Middle-East region with buyers in the UK who appreciate Palestinian art and high-quality hand-crafted products.

Founder & Exhibitor Salaheddin AbuEin commented: “I am excited to take this opportunity to announce that Souk Levant, aka Souk, is now rebranded as Ashaam. We’re excited to roll out our new name and look, as we feel it celebrates our vision and the people we connect. This rebranding forms a vital part of our growth strategy. Our ambition is to keep on our rapid growth path by reaching more people in the United Kingdom and Palestine.”

The new tagline ‘People to People’ reflects the dedication of Ashaam to understand and support its contacts of vendors, volunteers, employees, investors and customers.

For more information, please contact:
Salaheddin AbuEin, Founder & Exhibitor
+44 (0) 79 3012 0661

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Paving the way for Palestinian art in London

Salaheddin AbuEin applied for jobs in London, sending hundreds of applications for months, but could not find anything suited to his eight years of banking and wholesale-retail experience in Palestine. Being unable to secure employment in the financial industry, he joined Dolce and Gabbana as a sales assistant at Harrods.

“It’s a very high-end, luxury label, but I was shocked to learn that they offer minimum wage,” he says. But no work is wasted, he believes. “I worked there for a little over a month and still learnt a lot. I learnt discipline, how to do my job well, respect for time and appreciation for good products and art.”

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