Aisha Design

Aisha Design is an company founded and owned by a young designer Aisha Dweikat.

Aisha Design proudly present Palestinian heritage and modern art. By integrating Palestinian embroidery, the designs draw on deeper meanings of Palestinian culture that spread messages of love and coexistence to the world. This project is a journey in history aiming to introduce the richness of Palestinian heritage as a source of inspiration for modern designs, joining the past and the present in one piece of art.

Aisha Design produces cushion covers, coasters, and bags, all from recycled fabrics, as Aisha’s women artisans use surplus materials and fragments of upholstery fabrics disposed by local companies. It also has a line of silver jewellery and olive wood jewellery based on original Palestinian designs.

Aisha also created the Aisha Design Cushion, a new production line which is not only unique and distinctive, but also socially and environmentally responsible. Profits from sales are used to pay our craftsmen’s salaries.

All Aisha’s designs are original, crafted by a skilled jewellery and textiles team.

Aisha Design are looking to develop further in jewellery production and work at the highest level, to increase our competitive advantage, and be able to carve a niche on the international market. Aisha Design seek to provide job opportunities for women in Palestine and increase their employment opportunities.

Aisha’s products are eco-friendly. Aisha contribute to the global movement that supports ethical production practices all over the world.

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