Ashaam started as an idea to connect people from the Levant with people from the British Isles. Salaheddin AbuEin, a Palestinian immigrant to the UK, an ex-banker, a wannabe computer scientist and entrepreneur, started this project in November 2016, right after relocating to London coming from Ramallah.

Ashaam is a project that primarily works on promoting the Levant in the British Isles through commerce, events and information. People to People.

Having a good amount of technical understanding of websites, CRM, marketing and business development models, event management, print process and SEO; Salaheddin AbuEin founded Ashaam project in November 2016 to work on connecting people from the Levant with people in the British Isles (and beyond) through commerce, events and information.

Ashaam is currently building a profile and new business opportunities while establishing collaboration with individuals, artisans, artists, NGOs, small and medium businesses in Palestine, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, and Jordan.

Knowledge is power, that’s why we are working on Ashaam Events to allow people to know each other and face to face. And we are so much into the act of reading, that’s why we created Ashaam Blog, space where the words can be read beautifully.

Ashaam is always looking to invest more in its technology; hence we are heavily working on securing more capital to develop a more reliable, secure and friendly mobile and web eCommerce platforms.

From time to time, Ashaam hires a stall(s) at several local markets around London and different events across the UK, so if you see one of our team around please come and say hi! You will find us exhibiting a number of the offerings we have at Ashaam Shop; where you can find a special product selection of art, books, food, handicrafts, music, tickets and workshops.

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We are always looking to work with new brands and artists, please browse Ashaam vendors’ list to see with whom we are currently working. If you would like to learn more about how to become our newest partner, please contact us directly.

Peace and love,
Ashaam Team 🙂