Is it an event management start-up business? An online marketplace? Or an art gallery?

Ashaam, and believe us when we say, is all of that and more.

Ashaam started as an idea to connect people from the Levant with people from the British Isles. Salaheddin AbuEin, a Palestinian immigrant to the UK, an ex-banker, a wannabe-entrepreneur, started this project in November 2016, right after relocating to London coming from Ramallah.

The London-based startup Souk Levant, aka Souk, has undergone a name change and has unveiled its new logo, tagline and website to support its evolution to a leading full social and business development services. It will now function under the name Ashaam.

We are working on building bridges between Palestine and the UK, connecting Palestinian and other producers in the Middle-East region with buyers in the UK who appreciate Palestinian art and high-quality hand-crafted products.

At our shop, we are presenting a selection of unique products and services, and always looking to add new items, providing you with the opportunity to choose something to read, wear, or merely give, which will defiantly reflect the beauty of the east in your item.

Historically, Souk played a vital role in the life of countries in the Middle East and civilisation in general. Wanting to be truthful to the meaning of this word, we are looking to extend beyond buying and selling goods to host various cultural and social activities, to see Souk serve as a place for people to meet.

Ashaam UK’s current categories include sections for Art, Books, Fashion, GadgetsGroceries, Handicrafts, Music and Workshops.

We are always looking to work with new brands and artists. View our current vendors’ list here. If you would like to learn more about how to become a vendor for Ashaam UK, please contact us directly.