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70th anniversary of Nakba is being marked by a 2-day event on River Thames

London‎, UK – ‎May 7, 2018

‎“Palestine On The Thames: Nakba In My Present”, an event set to mark the ‎‎70th ‎anniversary of ‎Nakba, will take place over the weekend of 12/13 ‎May 2018 ‎between ‎‎10:00 and 20:00 in Hammersmith, London. This two-day free and family-friendly ‎event has been organised by Ashaam platform and will be hosted by charity ‎Uthink ‎Creative ‎at Riverside Building, Winslow Rd, Hammersmith, London W6 ‎‎9WA, UK.‎

This commemorative ‎event will explore the meaning of the 1948 ‎Palestinian ‎experience of dispossession and loss of a homeland in today’s life ‎through talks by Hebatalla Taha, Giedre ‎Steikunaite, Huda Ammori, Yousef ‎Qandeel, Professor Manuel ‎Hassassian, Dr ‎Swee Ang, Leanne Mohamad, Dr ‎Khalid El-Awaisi, Ahmed Masoud, Tom ‎Suárez, ‎Jenan Younis, Ron Coello and ‎Ahmad Almostafa. They will deliver ‎presentations on themes ranging from the ‎ethnic cleansing of villages and the ongoing ‎occupation of Palestine, via a view ‎from Lithuania, a small European country that ‎has endured half a century of Soviet ‎occupation, to the effect of Nakba on ‎intellectual and creative life of Palestinians ‎and their present.‎

The aim of the ‎“Palestine On The Thames” event is also to ‎celebrate ‎Palestinian ‎culture. It will include an exhibition of works by one of the ‎most ‎prominent ‎Palestinian fine artists Nabil Anani “Palestine, Land and People”, ‎held in ‎collaboration with ‎Ramallah’s Zawyeh Gallery. The programme will also ‎feature Dabke workshops, led by the ‎Hawiyya dance company, and ‎introductory ‎embroidery classes with Auntie Suzy, as well as stalls and ‎pop up ‎shops offering Palestinian crafts and food. The London-based Palestinian-Iraqi ‎comedian Jenan Younis will perform ‎stand-up comedy.‎


The founder of Ashaam Salaheddin AbuEin said: “This is the first ‎major ‎event ‎organised by Ashaam, set up in London in 2016 to promote Palestinian ‎culture, arts ‎and products in the ‎UK. We are proud and honoured to be bringing ‎people together ‎to remember the 1948 catastrophe, which, unfortunately, has been ‎ongoing for 70 ‎years and is not over, and share their experiences of it, either directly ‎or indirectly. At ‎the same time, we want to celebrate Palestinian culture which forms ‎such a strong ‎part of our identity and is a means of defiance in the face of the ‎ongoing oppression ‎of the ‎Palestinian people.”‎ ‎

‎15 May 2018 marks the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, or “day of catastrophe” when ‎Israel officially declared its state following the forced removal of more than ‎‎750,000 ‎Palestinians from their ‎homes and the destruction of over 500 Palestinian villages ‎and ‎towns.

For more information, please contact:
Salaheddin AbuEin, Founder & Exhibitor
+44 (0) 79 3012 0661

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